F1 goldendoodles are the first cross between a golden retriever and a standard poodle.  They typically have a "boxy" shape with a wavy fleece coat. Tiki (above), and the puppies below are examples of F1 goldendoodles.

F1b goldendoodles tend to be more poodle-like, with longer muzzles and slender bodies.  They are the least shedding of the doodles, and are great for allergy sufferers.     However, you can get both coat types in an F1b litter, both wavy and curly coated puppies.  The puppy above is a curly coated F1b male, and the chocolate puppy at the bottom of the page is an example of a wavy coated F1b.  The puppies below are littermates, Brody (left) is a wavy coated F1b, and Gracie (right) is a curly coated F1b puppy.

Brody is a wavy coated F1b
Gracie is a curly coated F1b
                      Wavy Coated F1b Chocolate Goldendoodle

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