Goldendoodlesrus - We are a small goldendoodle breeder of goldendoodle puppies in Denver, NC.  We offer F1 and F1b  goldendoodle babies! 

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        I do not have any Goldendoodle puppies available at this time, however I do have a new litter of Shih Tzu. 





                                                    Teddy's Mom

              Lillie (above) and Annie (Below) still compete for Halloween
              costumes, only this year, they wanted the same one, ha.   
              Annie is 10 1/2 and Lillie is 8 1/2 , but they still like to dress up!  I'm                  not sure who was the cutest Madeline!

 Teddy (Hollywood) just finished a photo shoot for Omni Hotels, as they are pet friendly! The photographer said he was a "photographer's dream puppy" .  He is extremely calm, sweet and beautiful!   The English goldendoodles are like no other.  If you want an extremely calm, steady, loving dog, they fit the bill!  People are amazed at how "laid-back" and calm the puppies are, and as they mature, they get even sweeter, ha!   (My grand-dog, Bella is pretty cute to :))


                        Jack is the newest member of Goldendoodlesrus!

       I hope you enjoy these photos of our sweet goldendoodle puppies!

                                  One of our babies, to cute!

              Happy 1st Birthday Montana!  He is one of our curly F1b puppies!

From delivering puppies to delivering poinsettia's, getting everyone to the vet for puppy checkups and shots, I couldn't do it without these two sidekicks!



                     Toby got his Christmas hair cut and spa day!!

                                My new office manager :))  Pretty sure she

                                   "thinks" she is a lap dog, ha!

                           Had to find a new place for the printer :)

       This is Duncan,  one of our Standard poodle puppies.  His expression is   priceless!  

                  This is Sallie, an F1b Chocolate goldendoodle. She just had
                    her first hair cut.   So cute!

                                          Sallie is growing up!

                          Brody, almost ready for bed
                   Happy Birthday Brody...You are so handsome!  Brody has a
                    wonderful home in Georgia

                I think Brody is going to be a Tennessee fan.....



                This is Norman, one of our beautiful F1b chocolate males

                                Baby cute!


Goldendoodles in North Carolina.

This is one of our beautiful F1b male puppies at 8 weeks and 6 months.

He is adorable! 

   Look who's having a birthday.....don't think Millie likes the competition!

                     She is almost 11 years old (Millie that is, ha.)


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